Monday, May 9, 2011

Brain in TRANSmode

The study phase of my time abroad is officially done. I am tested, evaluated, packed and moved out.  It feels good- it feels weird- but I guess it mostly feels good.  I'm ready to move on and explore elsewhere.  The memories I have made here feel like dreams.  There are no physical reminents, only hazy recollections that come and pass and get forgotten.  Travel feels a lot like death.  Like, each time you travel from place to place, you're experiencing a little, baby death.  Nothing serious-- NO, wait that sounds wrong!  When I say baby death, I am of course NOT referring to infant mortality.. Because that IS a very serious issue. I'm referring to the fact that when you travel away from a place that you've come to love, the heart is broken, but only lightly so.  But I guess that can be said about any sort of goodbye.  They all hurt and it's only the faith that there will be a future hello that makes the pain bearable, helps it to pass.

I mean, you leave a place and you're not sure when the next time you'll see it will be.  I look at Barcelona and I tell myself that I will see it again.

But will I?

Yes, I will.

Upcoming Adventures:
Tomorrow: Morocco
Next week:  WWOOFing in France, see link:
Month of June: I don't think that far ahead
July 7th:  Homecoming

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